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The Living Inquiries

InScott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries process, we are not looking for proof of anything, or reasons for behavior or even some kind of understanding. This work is NOT therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy. The intent of the Living Inquiries is simply to look directly at three components we have identified that constitute ALL suffering: words (or stories), sensations (or feelings) and images. There is something which we refer to as “the Velcro effect” which has all three strands – words, sensations and images – seemingly stuck to one another in a kind of clump which we mistakenly identify as “the truth”. Most of us can relate to certain sensations we have felt throughout our lives which we associate with certain feelings. “Oh there is that lump in my throat… I always have that when I feel sad” – becomes the conviction that the lump in the throat IS sadness. As a person is gently facilitated into being with these phenomena they begin to find that sensations, without a “story” are only sensations, words are simply words and images are only that: images.

And as this work proceeds, slowly and gently, prying all of these sticky strands apart, what often ensues is a sense of rest, and peace, or what I call “The end of suffering.” This can also be called simply “resting as Awareness”. As one begins to accumulate enough experience “resting as Awareness”, issues, relationships and situations that used to cause a lot of suffering begin to relax. Life will continue to challenge us, relationships may fall away, aging is a reality, people die, sickness does happen. What goes missing though, is all that suffering which we thought was simply a “given”. Then, this Awareness, which is our true ground of Being, simply does what it has always done: allows for everything, judges nothing and never, ever punishes.

I invite you now to, as Scott Kiloby says, “Rest. Inquire. Enjoy Life.”